RIP US (2004-2011)




Due to the financial meltdown in Italy and the devaluation of the Euro in contrast to the U.S. Dollar the Gay for Johnny Depp band have decided to call it quits.
When reflecting on the underlying aspects of the oncoming "bear"  market the Gays have considered it best to allow earlier investments to reach a more mature growth potential rather than continue to ride the emotional waves that seem to both rally and frighten most investors. Not that the GFJD believe that we are settling into a deeper recession as much as a long overdue "correction" we still feel it behooves us to stay a more measured course and feel the need to nuture and capitalize on said previous investments and assets.
We extend a hearty and worthy hand to our fellow collegues and wish everyone all the best in whatever future endevours they may have in store for them.
Until the next life, stay beautiful.
Sid Jagger, Marty Leoppard, Chelsea Piers, and A'hab Deisel.